Pressure Zone

Pressure Zone

We are David Clayton and Marco Perry. We came together with the aim of consolidating our combined talents and creative resources.

Pressure Zone are presenting their debut 3D Ambisonic Performance

“The Flower of Life” at the Give Festival 2013

23rd-25th Aug 2013, Eridge Park (Nr Frant),
East Sussex TN3 9HS

London Street Soul

Price £6 (inc. P&P)

Four On the Floor


We designed this collection of our music to be used for film, art installation and events.

The human mind is complex and powerful. Through sound the imagination can be inspired to trigger the conscious and subconscious on a visual journey. Pressure Zone are the directors of this one. We’ve travelled through landscapes of the globe on tour and on adventure. In mountains of the Himalaya, North and South America and on the beaches of India. Thailand to Ibiza, Iceland to Japan, to happenings and gatherings. At installations and events, also whilst in a near-death experience in a coma, the subconscious mind working constantly. It’s these recollected images which have inspired this selection of Dubscapes. The heat rises and shimmers on a long hot road. Images are distorted and the mind plays tricks with the traveller. Real or imagined, the lines become blurred as individual interpretation takes over. We take you on a sound journey of discovery deep into the jungle and beyond to a place of dreams and possibilities through the landscapes of your Mind. Explore and come home safely.

01) Icycle Tractor02) Voyager03) Atlantis (parts 1-3)04) Ladybug05) Salt Flats06) Mind Warrior07) Hot Road08) Ridgeback09) Indigoa Moods

10) Fifth Ave

11) Elemental

12) Appalachian

13) Heatwave14) Twittering Heights15) Airstream16) Es Vedra17) Trancension18) Half Pipe19) Uli Man20) Thermophile21) Aqualite

22) Tabu

23) Echo Beach

24) Seashell

All Dubscapes are available for professional and commercial usage by License or arrangement with us directly. Get in touch with us for audio samples of this music and to discuss a particular commission or an application you have in min.

Pressure Zone – Ultimate Drive 4

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Ultimate Drive 4

From the root to the source and back again. Thumping kinky disco and full on naked soul. Funky driving beats with featured vocalists Nat Augustine, Lance T Briggs and Paul Rutherford on hand to put the cherries on the icing on the top of this cake!

Track listing:

  • Ural Zone
  • Naked On The Beat
  • Get There
  • Hold On
  • Way Of The World
  • Love Light
  • Skin Dive
  • Heart Won’t Get To You
  • Naturally
  • Real Good Love
  • Don’t Stop
  • Minted
  • Beautiful Anger
  • Homeland

Pressure Zone – Ultimate Drive 3

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Ultimate Drive 3

Another ‘groover’, plenty of dubbed up pervy house and acid jazzy soul vibes from start to finish. Lots of groovy funked up rhythms. Soloists David Clayton Richenel Baars, Lance T Briggs, Danny Cummings and Iain Austin make this a memorable outing.

Track listing:

  • Jah Gunslinger
  • So Real
  • Desert Son
  • Teach Me
  • Let It Take You
  • Beauty From Within
  • Pistol Eyes
  • Croc Stomp
  • Mr President
  • Zak Raj
  • Lunar Love
  • Gwaan Swiper
  • Street Soul Symphony (And Still I Wake)
  • Swing On
  • Performance And Image

The Ultimate Drive 2

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Ultimate Drive 2

Funkadelic and spaced out! This album rides on with the Ibiza beach groove, adding abstract jazz elements, solos in the rhythm section and full on groovy keyboard playing from Dave Clayton.

Also featuring vocals from Richenel Baars, Paul Rutherford and Tammy Payne. Funk The Future!

Track listing:

  • Funk The Future
  • Intastella
  • Right Vibe
  • Antigua
  • Tribal Gathering
  • That Moon
  • Random Ways
  • Too Late
  • Bring It Down
  • Ginger Nuts
  • Eurothon
  • Spooky Tooth
  • My House
  • 2TEK with Pressure Zone Live (part one)
  • 2TEK with Pressure Zone Live (part two)

The Ultimate Drive 1

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Ultimate Drive 1

Disco stomping anthems and jazz funk workouts. Featuring vocals from Lance T Briggs, Clive Griffin, Kenye Kamanda and Iain Austin. Other soloists on this album include Dennis Rollins and Sid Gauld, trombone and trumpet. Free blowing body jackin jazzy house music… all night long!

Track listing:

  • Raise Your Hands
  • Long Lost Friend
  • Road Surf
  • Free To Live
  • Levels Of Fish
  • Euphonia
  • Live At The Blue Rose
  • Elements Of Style
  • Slalom
  • Moondance
  • Fool For Your Love
  • Jump Start
  • My Lover
  • Quake

Ultimate Drive boxed set

The Pressure Zone Ultimate Drive boxed sets of 4 CDs are now available! This is the ideal music for your road trip. Each cellophane-wrapped boxed set is made of heavyweight high-quality cardboard and features full colour CD wallets and an 8-page colour booklet. All orders are dealt with personally by Pressure Zone.

Price £15 (inc. P&P)

Pressure Zone – That Moon EP

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Well crafted record by Pressure Zone and featuring both Paul Rutherford and Tammy Payne on vocals. A light and breezy Jazz groove.

The “Lunar Love” instrumental and more dubbed and radical “Total Eclipse” and “Swing On” make this a pleasurable and well rounded EP of UK street soul Jazzy enjoyment.

Track listing:

  • That Moon
  • That Moon radio edit
  • Total eclipse
  • Swing On
  • Lunar Love

Pressure Zone – Come Together EP

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Authentic “Piano heavy” “built for disco” workout record featuring Clive Griffin and Opal on vocals and the inimitable David Clayton on his old upright piano.

Come Together is presented in two mixes “Would To God” and “Gotta Have A Life”. Plus “Elements of Style” (morning glory mix) and “Free To Live” featuring UK award winning MC Spee rapping and riding the same groove, all in a loved up Pressure Zone street soul London style.

  • Would To God
  • Gotta Have A Life
  • Elements Of Style (morning glory mix)
  • Free To Live

Pressure Zone – Johannesburg EP

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5 mixes of this Pressure Zone recording including the full on DJ Danny Rampling mix with piano and percussion heavy “Kitchen sink” rhythm and vocals by Naomi Osbourne.The Rampling radio edit of the same mix session.The “Frontline mix” Funked up version of the title. Plus “Dub Chant” Another Pressure Zone/ King Brillo dancehall dub style version.

Plus an inspired instrumental reworking of the same rhythm with David Clayton’s pitch bending and mind bending mutating keyboard solo all dubbed up jammed and recorded live into the mix by pressure Zone and entitled “Good Morning America”.

Track listing:

  • Danny Rampling mix
  • Rampling Radio edit
  • Frontline mix
  • Dub Chant
  • Good Morning America

Pressure Zone – Backstabbers EP

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The original 1989 Pressure Zone version of the Huff / McFadden / Whitehead composed classic in all it’s minimal glory. A dance floor hit for many house and garage DJ’s and received to much wide acclaim. A provocative reworking of the original O’Jays Philadelphia soul production.

Presented in three mixes including full Stab 1 featuring both Nat Augustine and Juliet Roberts on the vocal mike. Stab 2 with just jazzy Nat ‘n’ scat. Stab 3 with Zone at the controls of this more abstract take on the tune.

Track listing:

  • Stab One
  • Stab Two (Nat ‘n’ Scat)
  • Stab Three (One Lung Tractor)